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The culture at Caliber is open and family driven we facilitate in our group classes for Women, men, adolescents and children as young as 6.

If your looking to learn self defence, build confidence, imporove your boxing skills or even just to have fun and engage in an uplifting culture then we are the gym for you.

Every Boxing, Flexibility and Sparring class at Caliber is different to the one before it but we will still show continuity from previous classes to maximise progress. We take the time to spend with EVERY member within that class to provide guidance on the techniques.

The gym is a total of 158m2 located in Burleigh gardens industrial area. We have a boxing ring, open boxing areas, a variety of boxing bags and equiptment, a designated strength training area with the essentials for strength training.


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Our Classes

Boxing Classes

Our boxing classes include a combination of abdominal training, defensive and offensive techniques and footwork development that will give you insights and systems on how to develop your Boxing ability and competence.

Flexibility Classes

Our dedicated Flexibility Classes and possibly the most important physical quality of all four qualities relative to the physical preparation for any sport (the other 3 being strength, speed and endurance).

Sparring Classes

Our dedicated Sparring day is for the practical application of technical and tactical skills that we have been drilling in the Boxing classes. Sparring is suited to suit each individual’s level of ability and requirements.



Liam Keats

Liam Keats

Head Boxing Coach / Owner

Tye Anderson

Tye Anderson

Physical Preparation Coach

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